A Choice – By Daivet

Choose the type of your way by ALZAEEM-ALASLY

After experiencing another rejuvenation/blessing, Daivet shared with us this beautiful message:

Through a lot of my own and others’ experiences in life I found so many ways to learn, love, and grow.

I recently just came out of a very rough situation that trapped me not only in my mind but trapped me in a box where my soul, my light, my higher self, and my heart was not allowing love in.

Over the past weekend I was able to heal, rest, nurture, and restore my true self. It wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t CHOOSE to surround myself with loving and supportive people who are eternally my family near and far.


Within this first week I was able not only to receive love, but give it back like no other! I was shown many things this past weekend, but one thing that stood out the most was the fact it is all a CHOICE. Trapping oneself and enslaving yourself to the negativities of life and the sway of ego, and pride is again, a CHOICE.


It all comes down to CHOOSING what is not only better for yourself, but what is better for those around us as well. By lifting yourself up you can unconsciously lift other up around you.


Whether it be physical pain, emotional pain, the people we surround ourselves with, that asshole of an ego of ours, or that chest-rising, prideful lion in all of us…we CHOOSE to have these things in our lives.


It is not only a responsibility we have to tame and desist those behaviors, feelings, and perceptions, but it is our responsibility to help each other understand and get through these feats together.


We are not alone…sometimes we choose to be alone, and it might feel like we are, but we are NEVER alone.


Open your hearts, souls, and minds to receive what is out there waiting for you: an abundance of LOVE, JOY, and HAPPINESS.

CHOOSE to be happy! CHOOSE to live a pain free life! CHOOSE to end your suffering by changing your perception! CHOOSE to love and let yourself be loved!

CHOOSE to be powerful and allow the weakness to dissipate! CHOOSE the light over the darkness! Just CHOOSE!!!


The world we live in today is a very interesting one, and can become overbearing, lonely, and negative. At the same time the world we live in will become more of a beautiful, positive, supportive, and a happier place.


The duality is right in front of faces, and we cannot have one without the other! Make a CHOICE to receive the positive, love, energy, and light that is offered…did I mention it is free? Oh so free! The help, motivation, direction, and clarity is out there…just ASK and CHOOSE to listen to what is being provide and thrown your way.

ASK for what you want and it will be delivered and CHOOSE to accept the gifts from the Universe.

I LOVE you all so, so very much, and would not be here today if I didn’t CHOOSE to be. Again, it comes down to CHOICE. Some are more simple than others, but we must CHOOSE to BE.

We are infinite, we are loved, we are NEVER alone, we are powerful, we are together & unified, and we are ONE! Aho!


PS – If you would like to go deeper please make the CHOICE and reach out to me, or any other outlet that can help get you where you want to go. I am of service to you all…each and every one of you! In any way I can help you to heal, grow, move forward, or if you just need a hug, please reach out.


Following my path has taken me so many places and has lead me to connect with each and every one of you near and far. We are all connected for a beautiful and higher reason than you know. LOVE & LIGHT!!!