A Conception? What is that?

"a concept is a more definite, more unitary, more complete type of notion than is a conception , which is more of an ideational structure with a potential for realization (rather like a schema) "

  • a : the capacity, function, or process of forming or understanding ideas or abstractions or their symbols
  • b : a general idea : concept
  • c : a complex product of abstract or reflective thinking
  • d : the sum of a person’s ideas and beliefs concerning something

Why I am blogging

Picture a wide, relatively fast moving river. The current is strong, but the desire to cross is stronger. In order to cross, you’ll need help.  That’s where I come in. I am the strange woman standing knee deep on this side of the river holding all the supplies you’ll need, ready to send you on your way. But you still have to make the crossing.

Here you’ll find articles, tips, links, inspiring images, and strange conversations. My friends’ names are changed to protect anonymity, but the sentiments are real. Take what you will as fact or fiction, but please have your heart and mind open when you read these pages.



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