Chakra Test 3 (image)

As you know, I tend to re-check my chakras on this goofy online exam every so often. It came around again online, so I thought, “What the heck? It’s a new year now…” In comparing the three I have done so far, I must say I’m quite impressed…

Results from Chakra test


Root Sacral Navel Heart Throat Third Eye Crown


Root: under-active (6%)
Sacral: over-active (81%)
Navel: over-active (75%)
Heart: over-active (75%)
Throat: over-active (94%)
Third Eye: open (69%)
Crown: open (50%)
Percentages go from -100% to +100%

Further information

What this means
Open your under-active chakras


Here is the comparison Side-by-Side: