Daniel Pinchbeck’s Poignant Digression

Daniel Pinchbeck wrote an article about how Burning Man is ruined now by rich a_holes taking it over, and diluting the major ideals it stood for, but the digression he takes into the future of humanity is so poignant and beautifully written.

When he discusses the portion I have pasted below, it really did make me think about how many newly aware/young individuals (and empaths, and indigos, etc etc) are SO afraid of pain and are always looking for the next big distraction from it.

It is so rare for me to hear that my friends who are newly awakening are happy, excited, and/or working hard on their advancement.

Most are the opposite: downtrodden, depressed, and doing anything they can to bury their shadow self deep, deep within.

Below are the snippets I cut out of the article, and I included a link to the full article below:

The infusion of Eastern metaphysics into the Western worldview is not necessarily helping, and it may actually be exacerbating our current crisis of values. The popular Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn has recently noted that, within 100 years, the human race may go extinct.
His perspective is accurate, according to scientific predictions. He notes, with an accelerated warming cycle like the one that caused the Permian Mass Extinction, 250 million years ago, “another 95 per cent of species will die out, including Homo sapiens.
Extinction of species has happened several times. Mass extinction has already happened five times and this one is the sixth. According to the Buddhist tradition there is no birth and no death.

After extinction things will reappear in other forms, so you have to breathe very deeply in order to acknowledge the fact that we humans may disappear in just 100 years on earth.”

In order to accomplish this, we would need to overcome our desire for spectacular distraction and insatiable consumption.

I think we could further generalize from this, realizing that difficult and uncomfortable conditions are, in fact, necessary for our own development.

In order to survive what’s coming, we must find a way to awaken a new spiritual impulse in the human community, beginning with our cultural, technocratic, and financial elites. And we don’t have time to waste.

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