Empath Newsletter: Harnessing the Power of Plants and TREES

MONTHLY FEATURE: Harnessing the Power of Plants and TREES
By Michael R. Smith
Harnessing the Power of Plants and TREES


As empaths, there is so much beauty and wisdom available to us when we form a strong relationship with our friends in the plant and tree kingdoms.

Our relationship is amazingly symbiotic, for without trees and plants, we simply could not survive.  As humans, we gain all of our life force from the waste product of plants (oxygen), and plants require our waste product (carbon dioxide) in order to survive and thrive.

Plants and trees are vacuum cleaners that search and destroy lower vibratory energy.  We can ask plants to take energy from us that we no longer need, and it will not harm the plant. Trees will take energy from you – graciously, generously, and willingly.


Watch the NEW VIDEO (or click the picture below) to learn about this process and engage in an exercise.   (This video was shot only 2 weeks ago here in Colorado, and yes, we still had snow on the ground!)    🙂


2 Energy Exercises Demonstrated (Click Picture Above for Video)


Forming a relationship with the plant kingdom will strengthen your energy. Plants love to communicate and they do respond to your thoughts and feelings, although they do not communicate in words.  You may perceive their vibration as quite a bit slower and more reptilian.


Use that perception, and your empathic powers of intention, to ask a tree to take your energy.  If you surrender to it, the tree will wrap its energy arms and its consciousness around you in what may feel like a giant hug from Creator.  It may allow you to release tears of sadness and to also feel indescribable joy.

The tree is a replica of the human being, growing and reaching up to the heavenly sky with roots firmly planted in the Earth.
A tree represents the three worlds in which empowered empaths can choose to place our consciousness. The top of the tree correlates to the upper chakras (5-7) and represents the high vibrational ‘upper world’ of the spiritual realm (e.g., the ‘other side’).

The middle part of the tree represents the ‘middle world’ (e.g., the above ground Earthly plane that could be described as being physically the exact center of your heart chakra).


The roots of the tree represent chakras 1-3 and the ‘lower world’ (e.g. the divine underground consciousness that is home to magma, plants, insects, animals, etc).

If you are interested in learning about ceremonial use of plant medicine, beyond learning about the tree, there is a discussion of ceremonial Plant Medicine contained in multiple parts of the Complete Empath Toolkit.  Many empaths have benefited from forming a relationship with plant medicines (San Pedro, Ayahuasca).


Ultimately, forming a relationship with the plant and tree kingdom will open your eyes and give you a direct experience of Who You Really Are. These strong allies will help you travel more effortlessly across dimensions and bring life-changing information back to Earth for the benefit of healing yourself and others.

The above article is based upon material from The Complete Empath Toolkit.