Empath Newsletter Info: Understanding Karma as a Key to the Empath Experience

MONTHLY FEATURE: Understanding Karma as a Key to the Empath Experience
By Michael R. Smith
Understanding Karma as a Key to the Empath Experience


Many of us are now awakening to the spiritual law that what we create, through the act of thought, is what we will experience.    


If you’re an empath who is currently thinking good thoughts, working your daily practices and rituals, and yet you’re still suffering, there is some comfort to be received from understanding an important concept.  


Yesterday I was talking with a friend, and he asked the following question which prompted today’s article:  ‘why are so many good people in the world currently suffering?’   One potential response has to do with a powerful and mysterious word:  Karma.

Karma is a Sanskrit word that relates to the cause-effect relationship between what we create (through thought and resulting emotion), and what we experience. The concept has woven its way into the mainstream with common expressions such as, “You reap what you sow,” and “What goes around comes around.”  Often, though, there can be a delay, sometimes lifetimes, between the act of creation and the resulting experience.   


If we tune the satellite dishes of our awareness to the proper channels, Spirit offers us clues of who we are.  We receive glimpses, like a mirror. If you want to know who you are, you will find it reassuring that many others are asking the same questions. Past-life therapist and medical doctor, Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Through Time Into Healing, says that learning about one’s past lives through practices such as regression therapy offers a rapid method of treating symptoms that can also help the ego make sense of experiences that may be remnants from another time.

In his incredible book, Vibrational Medicine:  The #1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies, Dr. Richard Gerber talks about the little-known fact that Jesus taught about reincarnation. However, these portions of the Bible were deleted, possibly for political purposes. Dr. Gerber says that during each lifetime the incarnating soul partakes of diverse experiences which allow it to experience the wonders, joys, and sorrows of human existence. Eventually, he asserts, each soul will experience “every conceivable variation of human form,” and through each of these experiences, the soul comes to know itself.


That is precisely what is happening on Earth right now, especially for empaths. The veils that have prevented us from perceiving other dimensions of reality, including memories of our past lives, are now being lifted.

And as empaths, it is important for us to remember that our direct experience of ‘past’ energies are currently interwoven into our ‘current’ existence.   And however we currently respond to those past energies, which often appear in the form of challenging energy, is guaranteed to come back to us at some point in the future.


As empaths, many of us have made it our mission to heal and transform past ‘dirty’ energy so that our futures will be brighter and shinier.   You can take great comfort in the fact that your commitment to healing will ultimately manifest, even if it may not appeared yet.   The loving force greater than the individual human personality knows when karma has been ‘fulfilled’ and ‘healed,’ thankfully.

Now is the time to ask yourself questions about the ancient parts of your soul that can inform and guide your current existence. If you ask from your heart, gently and softly, without demanding, the Divine may give you glimpses of answers to the fundamental questions Who Am I? and Why Am I Here?    The following exercise may help.


Exercise: Connecting with our Past Selves

1.  Using the ages 10, 15, and 25 as benchmarks, take a moment to imagine and savor your achievements and interests at each point in your life. What were you doing? What projects were you involved in? What activities did you enjoy?

2.  Now take a moment to notice the central theme of each age, in terms of what you were creating. Is there a pattern in how your soul chose to express itself?  How was your soul attempting to manifest its unique desires in the world?

3. After you’ve noticed and labeled your theme, ask your Highest Self for inspiration to complete the following sentence, and use it as an affirmation, “My soul expresses itself through _______________ because I came into this life with a unique talent for ________________”

4. Repeat the sentence, voice it aloud several times and use it as an affirmation. The physical act of voicing an affirmation helps the nervous system accept what you are saying as truth. Ask that you receive guidance and inspiration for continued learning about your unique gifts.  Then let it go and trust that the answers will show.



Because I work primarily with empaths and highly sensitive people, it has been my observation that we carry a great deal of karmic energy in our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We carry it especially for our immediate families who have karmic histories that may include abuse, trauma, alcoholism, and addictions.


Our goal is to release past karma.  One way we can achieve that is through forgiveness.

Here is a powerful prayer that you can use to FORGIVE past karma.  Repeating this prayer with intention will release energy that does not belong to you and that does not serve your Highest Good.


“Creator, please help me to forgive anyone or anything that has hurt me in the past, from the beginning of time until this moment, whether others are aware of the hurt or not.
I forgive and release any obligation that was created.

Please help me to forgive myself for any hurt that I have caused in the past, from the beginning of time until this moment, whether conscious or unconscious, to myself or to someone else. I ask forgiveness for all involved and the release of any obligation that was created.”



The above article is based upon material from The Complete Empath Toolkit.