Empaths are the Alchemists of Energy

wpid-img_78081969468404.jpegDo you ever anthropomorphize? Assigning human life force/energy to things not human? Did you ever wonder if this is because your job as an empath is NOT to suck in everyone’s energy, but to put out your own?

Empaths begin their lives as victims. The “Why Me?” syndrome is rampant as we discover who we are and WHY we are. It is a time in our world for us to stop this attitude and learn to become what we were created for.

What are we? We are the alchemists of energy for all!
Eve of The Empath Way explains it perfectly:

“Experience has taught me that we are all energy processors, transmuters and relay stations and I believe we are here to be this ultimately to ‘learn’ about and experience Creation. If we process what comes to us and our reactions to it and learn to transmute the negative to positive, that positive energy is then what we’ll relay to others, so we do not only serve ourselves, but other lifeforms as well.”

She goes on to discuss our automatic reaction of FEAR and the solution. I highly suggest reading it.


Do not feel alone! There are people hurting everywhere; the more I’m actively in these groups, the more I know how many people hurt.
I believe it is a culmination!IMG_387592694963107

“WAKE UP ALL,” says the Universe, “I have a LOT for you to do, and you’re not learning fast enough. HARDER LESSON GO!”

Non-reactivity is a fundamental lesson that all empaths should learn. Yoga teaching can help. Our reacting to emotions that are like garbled, channeled messages we don’t fully understand yet, is what causes our relationships to fail.

Keep saying to yourself always, “It’s not personal. This is THEIR issue. It is not mine. It’s not personal.”FB_IMG_1419623012806

Most often we go into our days, our lives, and our relationships with a pair of ‘fear’ glasses on. “I hope I don’t get another narcissist. I hope I don’t get hurt”

What helped me? Being a bit more honest/rough on myself. Being Personally Responsible. For my emotions, for my actions based on others’ emotions, for what energy I was adding to the already negative surroundings.

STOP BEING A VICTIM! You can DO this! You have a job to do, and it’s time.FB_IMG_1419953308390

Dear self, welcome to life. We are here to BE hurt in order for us to grow. Empaths are tools. We have gifts so that we can perform tasks/duties we will be required to in our future.

You must take responsibility for your own feelings and actions and stop blaming others. Stop playing the victim.

Even others’ emotions, once felt by you, in YOUR sphere, are now YOUR emotions to contend with. Own up to this.

Do not hide. Do not protect. TRANSMUTE!

Become so strong in your abilities and strength that you can take anyone’s negative and turn it positive. You are the Alchemist of human energy, nay ALL energy.

I love you,