Endometriosis: April Continues

Today is the beginning of the next moon cycle. They gave me stronger pills, so I will report back on how they are/aren’t working. I warned my manager at work of my “impending doom” as it were.

Even yesterday, I knew it was coming. I felt tightness, pressure, and anxiety. I was sensitive to light, like a migraine. Even on the phone at the end of the work day, I experienced a moment of searing pain shooting through my esophagus and my stomach. I wonder if that was the tea I was drinking; although it’s never had that effect on me before.

handlightsThe Diclofenac the doc gave me helps with the pain, but boy does it make me dizzy. I’m so glad it’s Saturday.

Jesalyn gave me Reiki symbols on my hand for when this pain occurs. I’m supposed to place my hands over my abdomen, and imagine them shooting white light into me. I will try this today.

I’m sure it’s not helping that I am experiencing extreme resentment towards Electric Styles. Their business tactics with close friends have been rude and unthoughtful, yet they are on the Today Show this morning and I’m lain up with a broken baby-maker.

I strive so hard to be a great person. It reminds me of that South Park episode where Cartman gets his own theme park, and Kyle dies because he believes the universe to be unjust.

I’m not giving up on life or anything, I’m just flustered.  Perhaps the tall one (boyfriend) will be able to send me some loving energy to assist. I just don’t want to be on the bench for another 11days. That’s almost half of a month wasted for love connections, exercise, eating right, and general happiness. Perhaps my upcoming journey with DMT will allude to something I’ve missed.