Endometriosis: I’m tired

Haven’t posted in a while. Been experiencing ups and downs. Two days before next ‘cycle’ and experiencing the stronger PMS symptoms as expected on the Ocella brand.

Last cycle skipped nicely, but I still had some cramps occasionally. Mostly the ‘stinging’ feeling in the left ovary area. This is the same area mentioned in Reiki: AIT Healing.

Ocella appears to counteract the Paxil, or the Paxil is no longer working. The emotions themselves are not as bad as 2009 and before. I have learned to control them and my behavior/reaction. However, I do receive very strong physical reactions I cannot control. I get changes in heartbeat, headaches, hot or cold flash, anxiety, nausea.

After an emotion is finished processing through my body, I am always exhausted. Do I stay on Paxil? I can’t give up the Ocella, for it removes the bulk of my Endo pain. Doc appt on 5/9 to discuss.

Have to see ex husband today to give him his stuff I’ve been carting around. We’ll see how I react.