Endometriosis: Reaction to Hormone Therapy

Over the last few days I have experienced quite the trip. The stronger hormones DO stop the ‘cycle’ from occurring; however, my body is reacting psychotically.

Quick breakdown (in case you lady readers want to compare):

  • Still pressure and "cramps" though very light
  • Back, neck, and head aches. Sometimes migraine level.
  • High stress levels
  • Extreme levels of emotions that are very changeable. (mood swings)
    • These emotions are mostly negative:
      • Anger, Resentment
      • Loneliness, Needy on one end, Introverted on the other
      • Overly sensitive to criticism
      • Sadness, Depression (close to tears consistently)
  • Normal food symptoms: Cravings for sweets, and fatty foods
  • Fatigue and decreased energy
  • Loss of interest in job, Lethargy

Now, interesting point: All these symptoms are valid symptoms of either PMS, or normal Depression (men too). I have been on Paxil since 2009 for these very symptoms. I now wonder if either the ‘depression’ they threw me on Paxil for was really just fighting hormones; OR, if I really DO need an SSRI, why it’s not working? I hope that further research will reveal. I will continue to attempt to make my experiences as clinically helpful for you as possible.

Yesterday my symptoms were treated with laughs, hot tub, beer, fatty foods, chocolate, and THC.

A note about Hormone Therapy from Web MD: For some women, hormone therapy offers only a temporary solution because pain relief lasts only a few months after treatment. For others, relief is long-lasting.

Pain recurrence. After treatment with any hormone therapy, endometriosis pain can, but does not always, return:2

  • Each year, up to 20% of all women treated will have pain that returns after hormone treatment.
  • About 37% of women who use hormone therapy for mild endometriosis have pain 5 years later.
  • About 74% of women who use hormone therapy for severe endometriosis have pain 5 years later.