Endometriosis: Symptoms Continue

Missed work today. Today is day 10 or 11 of my cycle. I’ve forgotten honestly. So much pain, and so much blood. This is after taking contraceptive pills to skip my cycle!! It didn’t work at all. No difference what so ever.

Urgent Care said I should come in, but I just went to bed. I really wanted to go to that St. Patty’s pub crawl tomorrow with the ;). I hope some miracle makes it stop before tomorrow. Maybe someone will have some Molly and I can power through it.

Doc was no help. Just said there’s some other ‘procedure’ he’d do before surgery. So what we have is, undiagnosed symptoms, and no way to stop them. He suggested strong pills. I’ll try that for April.

After all this mess, I called Jesalyn. She performed Reiki on me and Daivet for the meetup in the park in October. She said we can definitely set up an ongoing program. I’m seeing her on Monday.

A note about Reiki: Reiki, pronounced ray-key, is a hands on energy technique that involves using universal life energy to relax, restore and heal.  This energy is found all around us and within us, it sustains life on Earth and is infinite. It is also known as Prana, Chi, Ki, Qi, etc.  Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice that balances chakras (energy centers) using energy directed from the practitioner to the individual.  It is simple but profound and can benefit everyone.

Reiki FAQ

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique that is gentle, non-invasive, and very effective. It is being recognized and used in hospitals around the country including in hospitals here in San Diego. It relaxes the body to promote healing and can help with physical pain, stress, healing emotional wounds, clearing energy blockages and overall balance and wellness.

How does it work?

Reiki uses the universal energy that is in us and all around us. It is known as ki, chi, or prana. In class we will explore this energy and how to use it to heal ourselves and others.

What does the class cover?

The focus of level one is on healing the self and will include: the history of reiki, basic grounding techniques, creating sacred space, treatment hand positions for self and others, as well as an attunement (process that awakens the energy in the body). Level two focuses more on others and healing relationships and will teach: the sacred reiki symbols used in healing, distance healing, more advanced grounding techniques, practitioner self care and includes another attunement. The class includes study materials and ongoing support from me.

Why Reiki?

Reiki is great for everyone and is an amazing skill to learn as an adjunct to what you are already doing in your personal or professional life (yoga, massage, nutrition, counseling, etc). You do not have to work on anyone other than yourself if you don’t want, but after this class you can work on others right away. Your family and friends will love you to practice on them for sure! If you would like to expand your spiritual and intuitive awareness, this class and technique is a wonderful way. Reiki encourages and supports self healing first and is a powerful way to heal and make positive shifts in your life.