Endometriosis: The Next Set

I’m struggling to tame my flair for the dramatic. This week I start my first cycle in three months per Doc’s request. Already I feel the pain, and I haven’t even started yet. The build up is concerning and torturous.

If I’m hurting this much beforehand, what troubles am I in for shortly? I have pre-cancelled all meetings, including one with Beau’s brother. I find this professionally embarrassing. I have even forewarned my boss that I may have a sick day coming soon.

On top of it all, my libido is raging from lack of attention, my doctor put me on Xanex, and I have this amazing sweet dog staying over for a week, and I can’t give anyone the love/attention they deserve right now. I need me time. I also need to get laid.

Reiki was amazing. Jesalyn felt so bad for my situation that she traveled up to my home to give me a session. It was very much appreciated and got me through Tuesday with flying colors. Now I’m in a gross amount of pain. Woosa.

My friend with endo has just announced she is going in for her laparoscopy. I am jealous. My doctors are avoiding this surgery at all cost, yet it is the one thing that would finalize my diagnosis and potentially treat my pain. At least I will get to inquire how the surgery and recovery will be.

All I can think about right now is home, pain killers, and sex. Last time I was with Beau I was in so much pain I had to dash to the bathroom from nausea. Nothing came of it, and I was fine within 5-10min or so. I simply don’t understand….

  • Back, neck, and head aches. Sometimes migraine level.
  • Medium to Low stress levels
  • Low levels of emotions that are somewhat changeable. (mood swings)
    • These emotions are positive and negative:
      • Love, Happiness, Cuddly
      • Introverted and happy for solitude
      • Fairly staunch and steadfast
      • Slight weepiness
  • Normal food symptoms: Cravings for sweets, and red meat
  • Fatigue and decreased energy
  • Loss of interest in productivity (chores etc.), Slight lethargy