Hope for Humanity

The world as a whole feels like we’re approaching some kind of passage. Things are changing, and I hope, for the better. I wanted to share an experience with you:


March this year Hochung and I went to Stonehenge and met an odd druid. She had beautiful rings of gold inside her irises and goat staff who she claimed as her twin brother.


After holding the staff in quiet for a moment, I saw my totem, the owl. The druid then took the staff and explained. She claimed to be an advisor from another world and said that a decision was coming for humanity. THE decision.


what happened next scared me. She had me stare into her eyes where I saw flames and buildings falling. I yelled out (in apparently my inside voice) that humans would make the right choice. Suddenly the flames were gone, and I was exhausted; but at peace.


Through my experience in empath training, meditation, and even my new family of burners I have seen the good in people and had my faith in humanity restored.


I still believe something is coming; but if a minimum of 60,000 people in the US alone are on the right path, that is not nothing.


Always remember: Be the change you want to see in the world. Think Good Thoughts, Say Good Words, Do Good Deeds


druid messenger