It Is, or it Isn’t?

I was functioning under the assumption that I had endometriosis. It seemed the most likely disease based in the information given me by my doctors. I underwent a diagnostic laparoscopy and waited for my surgeon to follow up with me.

So I had my surgery on 10/7/14 and I don’t  currently exhibit any active endometriosis; and my internal structures appear normal.  On 10/20 I had my post operative follow up appointment. My doctor said basically, “You don’t have cysts or tumors. I did find what I like to call a ‘smoking gun’, that is, an indicator that there may have been something there previously. So part of me would like to declare that our diagnosis is correct, even though we didn’t find anything.”

I admit I was very upset and dismayed, as strange as that may sound. But, it’s the very human need for an explanation. Without a known cause, how can we stop this from returning again?

The doctor’s final piece of advice was to give me a prescription of Vicodin and tell me to take it preemptively prior to sex with Beau. Oh jeeze, like a sex Xanax?

On the upside, although I was absolutely terrified to sleep with my partner for the first time in 3 weeks, I was amazingly surprised at how wonderful and caring it all was. He was very patient and gentle, and fortunately it was in the dark, so I had no qualms in my mind to possibly bring on what we now think could be psychosomatic pains.

I also looked at the anterior abdominal organs and noted how very close to my area of pain the human colon is. It wraps up over the intestines and down your left side. So perhaps it is a digestive issue? Or a combination of both. Otherwise I can’t explain the Dysmenorrhea I experience every month, nor the pain from intercourse.

More later…