Lightning in a Bottle: Amazing Experiences

During my time at LIB this past weekend, I was blessed with some amazing experiences. One of which, you can have in your own home should you choose.

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  1. Psiosphere of Awareness
  2. 1 Giant Mind Meditation

  1. Psiosphere of Awareness: A giant planetarium-like structure near the temple of consciousness. Each participant was given funky glasses and laid on the floor heads in the center.  For the next hour or so, we were treated to two different ‘sessions’ of music playing, with a break in the middle. During this break, the creator gave us a quick walk through of what we were actually experiencing: The Portacle.
  2. The Portacle™ is a stand alone, downloadable software program that has been called “the most powerful tool for meditation and personal development ever created”.

    As it’s name implies, it is a PORTAL through to the other side of reality, in that inner-world, where intention creates your reality, and an ORACLE to help you navigate around that inner-space. It can help you learn how expressing your imaginary intentions outwardly makes them real and sets into motion building blocks of reality which combine to create the world you see in and around yourself.

    We were prompted to manipulate the images on the screen with our own voices and emotions. Together as one we released a resonating "Oooohhhhmmmm" and were able to create six diamonds in the center of the screen. We were all truly amazed. Don Estes, the creator, explained that those who trained with the software could reach the point of controlling the images on the screen with their intent: that is, their voice, their inflections, and their emotions. After the explanation, we enjoyed the second session with much more fervor.


  3. 1 Giant Mind Meditation: 1 Giant Mind is a global non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the education and scientific research into the benefits of meditation. 1 Giant Mind will conducted a mass meditation session and experiment at LIB on Sunday, July 14th. Each of us gave two tablespoons of blood both before, and after the mass meditation.

    Through measuring stress aspects in the participants’ blood, such as oxytocin, seratonin and dopamine released they will be able to determine what the neurological impacts are when large groups of people meditate together.

  4. Expected Results We expect an increase in oxytocin after meditation. Since oxytocin is known to reduce stress hormones, we expect declines in cortisol and ACTH. Furthermore, we expect a reduction in all three measures of testosterone in males. Further, we expect that the change in oxytocin to positively correlate with positive changes in affect, closeness, and life satisfaction. The innovation of our study is that a brief meditation experience that naive participants can engage in as a group can have large potential effects. These effects are expected to occur for singleton meditation, but be attenuated relative to group meditation. Clinically, our results may suggest that meditation can have greater therapeutic potential than previously realized when done in a group


    I greatly look forward to the results of the study and will post them here when received. More information regarding 1 Giant Mind and the study may be found through these links: