Lunar Lotus


Garths teepeeThe Retreat

I’d like to welcome you to a beautifully transformative place to retreat, renew, and reconnect with nature.

Known as the land of 10,000 stories, this magical 640 acres has been owned and maintained by Garth for over 30 years. This desert sanctuary runs on permaculture and solar energy, in an attempt to create synergy between natural oncology and human systems.

We will be exploring various ways of reconnecting with self and other, all with the aim of finding acceptance, love, compassion, and empowerment for one’s self and others.

We have some fabulous instructors who will cover multiple modalities including yoga, meditation, power animals by way of a group guided shamanic journey, working with medicine cards, essential oils, and more.

There will also be time to explore the land and relax into yourself.

pj 1The Instructors

Coming together from all walks of life, we are here for a single purpose: You.


BWChristina Rogers iconfacebookstaff icongooglestaff

Since kindergarten, my mother has dubbed me as a ‘flower child who dreams of world peace.’ With a penchant for always being the ‘weird kid’ in the group, I never really seem to fit in with the status quo.  I’ve come to find, through my many spiritual adventures, that I was never meant to ‘fit in,’ so much as teach others to ‘stand out.’

Standing out as my authentic self has been the greatest set of lessons I have received; and now I want to help other women do the same.

Picture a wide, relatively fast moving river. The current is strong, but the desire to cross is stronger. In order to cross, you’ll need help.  That’s where I come in. I am the strange woman, standing knee-deep on this side of the river holding all the supplies you’ll need, ready to send you on your way. But you still have to make the crossing.



Jordan2Jordan Tyler iconfacebookstaff icongooglestaff

Jordan lives in San Diego and spends her time crafting healthy and whimsical pastries, doing yoga, and playing on any aerial apparatus around.

Her passion for yoga stems from a desire to reconnect with oneself, so as to best serve the world around her. Her classes encompass a steady breath, proper-alignment, and an opportunity for self-worship.

They are a place to safely unfold the layers of yourself, and your experiences, while finding equanimity between the body and the brain. They say it’s mind over matter, but we will practice instead to bring them together, to create a more focused and loving path.



PJ Bio 2Peter James Swartz iconfacebookstaff icongooglestaff

Peter is on a path of Self Mastery to passionately serve the greatest good of all. He specializes in balancing, connecting and nourishing the body, mind and soul. He is a Truth Seeker. His journey has led him to study alongside doctors, gurus, professors and shamans of Eastern, Indigenous and Western cultures from around the world. His purpose on this planet is to serve as a Bridge providing individuals a sensational experience of the awareness of ONEness by activating the body, aligning the mind and awakening the soul.

His educational background includes a bachelors of science in kinesiology specializing in exercise and nutrition, 11 years of yogic training, 7 years of advanced meditation and energy healing techniques and 5 years of mental and physical performance enhancement teaching via workshops and retreats.

He is the Co-Founder of YOUnique Movement, a holistic wellness organization with a profound belief that, “There is a YOUnique Gift that YOU and only YOU can share with this world.” He serves as an Alchemist consciously creating elemental healing remedies, a Body Worker merging physical palpation and subtle magnetic techniques, an Intuitive Coach channeling YOUnique teachings for holistic evolution and a Teacher of YOUnique Movement, a yogic influenced practice.


Lola Medicine Keeper iconfacebookstaff icongooglestaffLola Bio

Lola Medicine Keeper is a modern day Shaman who has been described as “bulletproof coffee meets tribal elder.”  As a child, she ground acorns in the woods and devoured ancient myths under flash-lit midnight sheets. She’s returned full circle to these wild roots, bringing plant + animal medicine to those craving a more soul-aligned, less domesticated life.

Through power animal retrieval, edge walker sessions, shamanic mentorship, and experiential learning in her online Wild Playground, people around the world are remembering and unleashing their true natures. Lola is mom to two wild babes, wife to the sacred masculine, and she believes irreverence is the key to all that’s sacred. You can find her online at and 

Why Lunar Lotus?

Because its visible cycles mirrored the life of woman, the ancients believed that the moon was the representative of women and their three phases in life.  Commonly referred to in art, text, and other imagery, the  three incarnations of maiden, mother, and crone were closely matched with the lunar phases of new, full, and old.

The lotlotus moonus, too, has often been compared to both women, and self-growth/expansion:

“The leaves break the bandage of the green stem, stretch themselves and form a green pool with untidy edges. Now the flower comes from out of the vast surface of the water, just like a very beautiful woman coming gracefully from her bath.”

Old Chinese Poem


Growing best in muddy waters, the lotus became an image of strength, and purity in adversity in multiple cultures around the world. The open lotus, symbolizes enlightenment and self-awareness.


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The land of 10,000 stories is waiting for you to add your own, under even more stars in the sky.

Come, join us!