Real Life Oneness: Enlightenment You can Use

Written By: Chris Cole

When we talk about “becoming human,” excuse me, could You be any more vague? Oh yeah, sorry. I understand that the idea of “being human,” “humanity,” and “humanistic” are all terms that have been used many times to mean many different things. I get excited talking about what it means to “Be Human” because we are human beings, and we generally have no idea how to simply Be. We are so disconnected from our nature, from Nature, that many of us are sick and discontented. We work jobs we hate, start relationships we can’t finish, eat foods that harm our bodies, and think thoughts that kill our spirits (or worse). Sound harsh? I was trying to being gentle.

Many people are enjoying the free-thinking, progressive spiritual movement sweeping the globe, and we call it the same thing we always have: Love. The problem with many of these messages is that we have a hard time implementing them, assuming we even try. For most, these are lofty and difficult ideas, such as “living in the present moment” or “radical acceptance.” In my experience, these ideas are awesome, but then I am left with the same habits, the same emotions, the same thoughts, only now I am frustrated because I can’t FREAKING stay in the NOW! Well, at least not all the time.
When I say “Be Human,” I’m talking about allowing the process of living to unfold. There’s room for acceptance, present-moment awareness, even enlightenment, but it has to be rooted in our integration of this body, this mind, these thoughts and emotions, if it is to be sustainable in any way. We are feeling into our experience, not thinking our way out. This is an Enlightenment You Can Use, an integration of the human experience that gives You permission to accept or reject whatever feels right for your Self. We understand that Love is our Nature, that everything we do is the (attempt at) perfect expression of this Love within us All.
Maybe you are in fact, “thinking.” So what? Will you now think negative thoughts about thinking? That’s just more thinking. So what if you’re “angry?” Will you now get angry about feeling angry? We are simply bringing in space, some breathing room, into our everyday human experience. We hear these things all the time, stuff like, “Fear is the opposite of Love.”
We think we need to be fearless. We are told that underneath all this stuff that hurts is fear. However, there is an honesty that is more courageous than fearlessness, a Truth that gives permission to Be Human. We have the opportunity to courageously acknowledge how we are feeling without the added judgment that we are somehow living in fear. Part of the human journey is the ability to fearlessly feel.
Life is not fear or love – it’s only Love. The problems of this life, and they are considerable, are perpetuated through denial of the natural Love within every person. We deny this Love in ourselves and we deny it in our children, our partners, our peers, everyone. If fear was the opposite of Love, we could achieve enlightenment through a lobotomy! The opposite of Love is not fear; It’s ignorance. We are ignorant to our own natures, and so we suffer.

In my philosophy, and I invite you to consider its application, there is no such thing as “evil” or “sin” – there is just the Love that courses through all Life. If you can’t feel it, you’re not truly alive. Love is our Source, without and within. It is the only reason we ever do anything. So when I say, Know, Feel, and Be Human, I’m asking You to consider that you actually are Love, that this is not some fluffy idea. This is Real Life Oneness, an Enlightenment You can Use. Love. Follow CONSCIOUSCHRIS Here