Reiki: Second Visit

Appointment with Jesalyn again. There was no pain for her to relieve (yet) so I really didn’t notice as much. Though I am always peaceful after a session. The main thing I felt (which was amazing and strong) was love. I felt absolute love flowing from within me. I almost started crying it was so strong. I flew through a montage of all those wonderful people in my life, near and far.

Afterwards we talked about what we each saw/felt (as per usual). Today was amusing, in that Jesalyn said she saw me ‘in the desert, at burning man.’ Little did she know I’ve been. 🙂 What I find is how interesting the connection between us is. She saw the desert, while I was seeing my Burner Family: Shangri-Lawless and Ego Trip.

She also indicated that she felt a lot of desire from the abdomen to be healed. That it was grateful for the love and wished for more. Next time we’ll be working on Nentastu-ho, attempting to get an affirmation from each area of my body to see who is ready to be healed and who is not. This should be interesting 😉