Synchronicities in ‘Lessons’

Synchronicities in ‘Lessons’: (Stick with me, I promise it’ll come around at the end)

I know we’ve been talking a lot about synchronicities in recent days, so I thought perhaps I’d share some of mine that are coming up after the Reiki master-class.


– I thoroughly enjoyed the Qigong sessions that Jon shared with us. I definitely think that is my next major modality.
– Repeating numbers, EVERYWHERE: License plates, my call lengths at work, the clocks, everywhere

– I also, am working diligently towards my year’s theme of ‘Discipline,’ starting with our 21-Day Reiki Opportunity. (Still going strong, btw).


Resonate, by Christina Rogers

I made a calendar of my other 21 day pairings last night:
2/29-3/21 Reiki and Yoga daily
3/21-4/11 Meditation (and maybe Breathwork)

4/11-5/2 Try all four, or MAINTAIN

I got a lesson yesterday, that I need to be still.

Let it be


I’ve been ‘rushing’ towards some spiritual goal, because of my women’s retreat in May.

Jon, you really got me thinking.

Yesterday, all the things that I want to ‘fix’ for people, were thrown in my face at once.

The lesson: You are still adequate, even if you are sitting on the shelf. Not all your gifts must used ALL the time.

Yoga, and Meditation, every. damn. day.

Learn to let things flow as they will, and simply Hold Space for others. Don’t try to ‘fix’ everything. Let it Be.

(I’ve been craving the Beatles recently 🙂 )

Today, 3/4, I was all prepared for a slow, quiet month. NOPE. All the messages showing up in horoscopes, and work, etc are promising that March will be ‘busy’ and ‘challenging.’


    “You are an over comer this month! Your potential for winning battles is enormous! Situations that have caused aggravation or created frustration are faced and won as you tap into the solar power available to you after the 20th! Yes, Cancer! …

    Don’t look to get a lot of rest this month! Your mind will be so busy breaking down information and making plans for the future that you’ll find it hard to get a good nights sleep,…”


    “The more we concentrate, the faster wishes attract and manifest as new opportunities. Like moths to flame, we are drawn to what is destined. Intuition is strengthened when we prove things to self. There are no coincidences. There are challenges to be met and surpassed….

    Put aside daily time to do yoga, meditate, plan, and brainstorm. Couple this with active soul-searching. Be on fire to know stuff. Life missions, purpose, and intent are made clear. Why? The Divine is communicating with soul.”


I’m very amused. I accept I’m supposed to sit still/slow down, and Universe ramps things up. Everything also mentions that the ‘emotions’ will come up, all over the place, and to be ready, and accepting of that. 😉 Darn, I hate being right.

By the way, I don’t let horoscopes run my life; however, this gal, Kim Allen…is remarkably accurate. Almost scarily so. Even down to the ‘best days’ and ‘stressful days’ at the bottom. (confirmation bias? :p)

Change is Messy and Gorgeous

Change is Messy and Gorgeous

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