We are Yang: the Balance of All

Many of my female friends are downtrodden and distraught in the pursuit of love. They feel misunderstood by all their attempted male counterparts. They feel as if until they are “understood” as a woman, they are not whole.

I am here to tell you that is not so. Man needs US! We are the strength behind them. We are the only ones worthy of getting behind their shield of war to see what truly lies within a man’s heart and mind.

Sure, it feels like we have it worse. We have constant pains, menstrual cycle, hormones, and mood swings we cannot control. Then, because we cannot control them to a man’s standards, we are labeled “crazy”. I say that is bullshit.

Women are blessed. It doesn’t feel that way, but it’s our choice to think that it doesn’t feel that way.wpid-img_144447191856797.jpeg

Remember what you are:
1. We create life within us
2. We’re more in tune with the entire universe
3. We ‘know’ more inherently because of our emotional intelligence that men lack

This means we ‘know’ things in our souls more than men ever will.

We are the soft balance to the man’s harsh logic. We are the warmth to man’s cold. We are here to keep the universe’s plan on track of always bettering all of us towards the ultimate goal of our next phase of evolution.

We give voice to those that cannot speak for themselves.

Because Man does not feel, Man does not understand real pain, real anguish.

Because Man cannot understand pain/anguish, he “knows not what he does” with war, abuse, animal abuse

We give morality where Man has forgotten.


wpid-img_227016176488041.jpeg We must cast off the shackles of a “Man’s” world and bring our feminine energy BACK to the planet.

Even the most enlightened men I have the honor to know agree that our world is completely out of balance, and that it is the source of all our plights.

Be not afraid to be a Woman. Be the feminine! Be the Goddess! Be YOURSELF!
Soft, supple, curves. No harsh hard angles like the jaw of a man.

Need not the arms of a man to feel whole, for you a Beauty Incarnate, are just as the Universe saw fit to make you.


Read the poem Mother Earth: