We must become love-benders

Thought: Wanting to cry, but not being able to, is more frustrating than actually wanting to cry…or crying itself.

So it stands to reason, that wanting to love someone, but not being able to…..So that’s why we ache. Not because we need to be loved, but because we want to FEEL love for someone. We want that surge inside us, as we give our love away.

So in order to TRULY love one’s own self, we have to practice finding what love ‘feels’ like inside, and making it grow.

Just like we can bring up/down our anger, or bring up/down our sadness, we have to practice bringing up our love inside. Just like breathwork, or meditation, or feeling reiki flow through us.

Practice manipulating/moving the energy/chi, like in all the Eastern movies/cartoons.


We have to become ‘Love-Benders’.